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At anytime it is a challenge for anyone to open a business.  Doing this in a poor economy is even more of a challenge and less likely to succeed.  Those who succeed usually do so because of their work ethic.  Everett Corn was no exception.

Mr. Corn had worked many jobs early in his life including working in a livery stable.  Having the foresight to see what change would bring, he moved his family to California for two years to study the new auto industry; receiving a “Doctor of Motors”.  With his new knowledge he returned back to Idaho and in 1936, nearing the end of the Great Depression, Everett Corn, age 40, opened an auto parts store in Caldwell.

Still looking to the future he joined the National Auto Parts Association in 1937.  This alliance proved invaluable to his success as NAPA continues to lead the aftermarket industry today.

With our valley growing our communities needing more local support, in 1946 Mr. Corn opened Nampa Auto Parts followed by Nyssa Auto Parts in 1950 and Homedale Auto Parts in 1958.

Though Mr. Corn continued to work for 50 years in the company, the daily management gradually changed to first to his daughter, Elizabeth “Betz” Montgomery, and then to his grandsons, Steve and Jeff Purcell.  Betz has now completed over 60 years in the business.

During the leadership of Betz, the company opened the Sugar Bowl (1962), Parma Auto Parts (1971), Malheur Auto Parts (Vale, 1975), S & E Auto Parts (Meridian, 1976), Karcher Auto Parts (1978), Jordan Valley Auto Parts  (1979), Middleton Auto Parts (1980), Wilder Auto Parts (1980).  Some of these stores were later sold or closed enabling the construction of new buildings in Caldwell (1993), Karcher (2001) and Nampa (2002).  Our last addition was in 2004 with Emmett Auto Parts.

Our People:

We’ve been blessed by our good employees and partners we’ve had over the years. Currently we have over 50 employees; 13 of whom have worked over 25 years for our company.  But, most important to our success has been the support from our community through-out our 76 year history.