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They Gave it their all, Time to Enjoy Retirement

Bob Britton began with an option of delivery man or machine shop mechanic; he chose the machine shop and began his career with us in 1971.  Over the next 42 years Bob grew his skills, knowledge, and abilities.  He gained friends and clients with equal ability.  Bob's work was exceptional and his quality has always been admired, and will now be missed.  However, we're happy that Bob and his wife, Dot, will be able to enjoy the life of retirement. 

Since 1967 Leo Berry has worked (some may wonder at the words) for our company.  He rose through the ranks from Delivery Driver to Store Manager and company Sales Manager.  Leo assisted us in store remodels, moves, training, customer calls, and even IT help.  Employees and customers alike will miss his enthusiasm, his concern, and his laughter.  THANK YOU LEO, for 45 Great Years!   (Picture is Dean Dorsey and Leo Berry -- a few years ago)