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Connect with us to Reserve or Order automotive parts.

The easiest way to connect directly to our stores is via NAPAonline.com.  No username or password is required.  You will be able to look up parts, check prices and availability and RESERVE Parts at your local NAPA Auto Parts Store.

RESERVE PARTS NOW at Caldwell Auto Supply

RESERVE PARTS NOW at Emmett Auto Parts

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RESERVE PARTS NOW at Nampa Auto Parts

RESERVE PARTS NOW at Parma Auto Parts

For commercial accounts we have a special website that you can look up parts, prices availability, check on vehicles' service bulletins, wiring diagrams, and fluid capacities, AND order parts from us directly for DELIVERY to YOU.  New to this website is the availability to search (and print) your purchase invoices from us;

This website requires a username, password and a store commercial/individual account.  We will have to set your account up first once you have a Prolink number.  If you have an account with us, REGISTER for a NAPA PROLINK NUMBER

For those who already have a username, password, and are set up with us, you may ORDER PARTS NOW for DELIVERY TO YOU .